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by a native English speaker

We stand by your child’s side all the way to the Matura exams! It doesn’t matter if it’s homework, preparation for coursework, or for exams – or even just to practice pronunciation and speaking skills.

Give your child the chance to learn English directly from a native speaker – all of our coaches grew up in English-speaking countries!

Our native English speakers are a valuable help!

We can also include communication training to improve their active language development.

individual tutoring

nice and easy at home in Vienna, Graz, Linz and Salzburg


is the most comfortable form of tutoring. Our native coach comes directly to your home on the agreed day and at the agreed time. Your child need not travel anywhere or carry any study materials to a tutoring centre. As a rule, learning is easier when it takes place in a familiar location. From 49,99 € for 90 minutes!

individual tutoring

ONLINE via PC / tablet or smartphone


the alternative with no personal contact. You can send us the things your child should learn in advance, meaning the teacher can prepare the best lesson possible, including fitting worksheets and exercises.

We use our own online whiteboard, which the teacher and student can both work with. From 19,99 € for 45 minutes!


in the Lernatelier 1030 Vienna, from 2020


each learner in the small group (up to 4 children / teenagers) will deepen their understanding of the English language. The benefit is that group lessons are much more affordable. Despite this, each learner will be individually cared for, and each works on whatever is right for them. A good alternative when your child is in the area of the Gasemeter or has access to the U3!

send a no-obligation request for tutoring

Send us your preferred date and time and we will be in touch with a confirmation of availability and price!

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Q: Why can’t parents just do the tutoring?

A: Even if the parents’ knowledge is sufficient, it is crucial that the points are well explained and demonstrated. Furthermore, the situation at home can escalate quickly when a child doesn’t understand something well.

Q: Is needing tutoring something to be ashamed of?
A: In Austria, around 100 million Euros is spent annually on tutoring. This clearly shows that no-one is alone!

Q: Why should we choose your institution?
A: We are specialists when it comes to English! If your child has problems with English, we and our team of native coaches can definitely help!

Q: How much does tutoring cost?

A: In a group setting, we can offer tutoring sessions (45 minutes) starting at 9,99 EUR. Tutoring at home starts from 49,99 EUR for 2 sessions (i.e. 90 minutes) – don’t hesitate to request out complete price list with no obligation!


Teaching materials

From our experience, we know that teachers mostly like to follow the curriculum, but often swap topics during the school year. For this reason, we prefer to work with your child’s textbook, exercise book and homework book.

additional teaching materials

We have a wide variety of materials on many different topics, which we are happy to offer to our students.

Who are the tutors?

Our teachers are all native English speakers, people who are spent significant amounts of time in English-speaking countries, or advanced students of English Studies.

advanced conversation

During our private lessons we also offer conversation practice with our coaches. Different topics are discussed. This allows your child to improve their pronunciation and learn typical expressions and figures of speech.

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Teaching kids the most important world language in different ways since 2014. Individually or in groups. At home in Vienna, Linz, Graz and Salzburg or out our LernAtelier in Vienna’s 3rd district

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