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An Afternoon of Fun- In English

“English Courses” for babys from 12 months

Our English Natives Coaches come to your home to play with your child -all in English! In theory, our Coaches would spend the time with your child, similar to the way you do yourself, just in English. Instead of singing German songs, they sing in English instead. Through this method, your child becomes accustomed to the English language at an early age and will also speak its first words and sentences in English later on.

The English-Afternoons will only take place in your home, however, short trips can be added at a later stage.

You can find more information in our Native4kids Coach Programme!


Is it not too much?

A linguistic theory suggests that an average performing child can learn up to 3 languages at the same time. However, it is important to provide the child with one consistent attachment figure for each language. In this sense, our Native Coach is your child’s attachment figure in English!

Confusion between lanaguages

Naturally, a child can sometimes forget and confuse words or ideas and revert to another language. But that’s not a big deal- don’t forget that even in their native language, toddlers and babies can mix up words or meanings. This corrects itself over time!


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