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English teaching through language immersion

Learn English naturally

Your child learns the new language with their personal native coach in a fun and playful way. We don’t use a school setting, instead, language immersion to achieve language goals. Through this method, your child will be immersed in an English-speaking environment at least once a week. At the moment, our individual childcare program is available in Vienna, Graz, Linz, Salzburg and Innsbruck!


A second language at an early age

Your child will learn English in the same way as they learn their mother tongue. On average, a child can learn 3 languages simultaneously with no issues. Don’t wait until your child can speak their first language perfectly, as their natural language-learning ability will begin to decrease around age 3. From age 7, only normal teaching methods such as those used in school are effective, unless they move to an English-speaking country or make use of the new language daily.

Our strategy


Our service differs significantly from the usual language schools with group lessons. All of our native coaches look after just one child (potentially with siblings, maximum 3 children), there are no groups.

Our concept is based on language immersion, a proven educational and linguistic method.

Our coaches will only ever speak and understand English, which gently motivates your child to use the language themselves.

Our service


We find a suitable native coach (male or female) for your son or daughter. Our coach supports your child using our concept, allowing for a natural introduction to the new language.

The optimal age to start is before your child’s first birthday, until their 8th or 9th birthday. The older the child, the more learning elements we include.

Our employees build a relationship with your child as if they were a family friend (who happens to speak English!) – week by week, month by month.

Picking up the child

The pick-up and drop-off of your child can be freely arranged. For instance, from kindergarten, school, after-school club, a sports club, at your house or somewhere else!

When your child has been picked up or dropped off, you can be notified by an SMS if you wish. We then take your child home at the agreed time.

Activity program

For children around 4 years of age and older, we will create an outdoor activity as a team. This will be focused on the priorities set by yourself and your child.

Our experience with other children allows us to advise you on the various opportunities available, from sport to culture, to a normal visit to a shopping centre, park, museum or zoo.


Safety is our top priority, we always know where our coaches are with your child.

In case of illness, we will inform you immediately. You decide whether we should send another coach or whether we should cancel the coaching session (free of charge for you) or make it up later.


You will, of course, be kept up to date. What we did, where we were, what went on – we can also provide photos of your little one!

We can send the picture via email or through our communication platform. You can use this platform to coordinate the next sessions with your coach.

More options

As our concept only works when the relationship between your child and our coach is long-term, we have a range of further options for you, which can be booked as and when you need them. Including:

  • Ski or beach holiday
  • Weekend trips
  • City trips
  • Birthday party/summer party


Of course, you want to be kept up to date with your child’s progress in English. As we don’t follow a school-based concept but take a natural, playful route to English proficiency, progress is very individual and can happen in sudden bursts.

Generally, we find that the younger the child is, the faster they progress. Children under the age of 7 have far greater recall capacity than older children.



Depending on your child’s age, and of course the weather, our coach spends the afternoon with them INDOORS or also OUTDOORS.

With younger children or when the weather is bad, we play, paint, craft, sing and dance in your home – sometimes we might even bake a cake if we are allowed to! Your child feels comfortable there and also has all of their toys, books and craft supplies available.

With older children (3 or 4+) we start to go on short excursions that get longer with time. For instance:

  • A visit to the zoo, nature park, playground, aquarium etc.
  • Seeing child-friendly English-language films at the cinema or plays at the theatre.
  • sports (by arrangement and depending on the season)
  • everyday activities (going to the shopping centre, taking the underground or bus…)
  • we also accompany your child when it comes to hobbies – taking them to chess club or football training for example.
Our institute

Our native speakers

Thanks to our coaches, your child has the opportunity to learn the language directly from a native English speaker. All of our coaches grew up in England, America, New Zealand, Australia or another country where English is the official language, or have lived there for a minimum of 10 years during their childhood.

The coach's qualifications

All of our coaches have completed a basic pedagogical course and a first aid course. They have experience of working with children and must adhere to our safety regulations.

Comprehensive checks

All of our employees must provide a clear criminal record specifically for working with children and young people. We also check their references. The coaches must show their skills on a trial day, spending several hours with selected children (most often, the native4kids founder’s children).

Professional development

All of our coaches are offered several professional development opportunities each year. In this way, we ensure that our concept is understood correctly and that the success of your child is guaranteed.

Activities and teaching materials

Every month we create a list of activities, and for older children learning materials for the coach to use with your child. We are also a licensed partner of USBORNE, a leading publisher of children’s books. USBORNE has a selection of around 4000 English books for children from 0 to 18!

Coaches' language

All coaches will use only English when spending time with your child. If they happen to have some knowledge of German, this will remain a secret to you and your child! This way, we motivate your child to actively speak English themselves.

Coaches' age

We employ younger coaches, often students, as well as older, more experienced people, both male and female. Together we will decide which of our employees is the best fit for your child.

Interested? How to find ‘your’ coach


  • Step 1

    As our service has many different parameters, we would be happy to provide you with a non-binding, personal offer via email. Please provide us with all the necessary information in our enquiry form.

  • Step 2

    Once you have received our personalised offer and you are satisfied, we will ask you to fill in our information document. This will contain any important information, which is necessary for the care of your child. You will receive the link to the information document in your offer!

  • Step 3

    We contact you with an update within no later than 2 weeks. Usually, we can suggest to you a few dates, which you can choose to book for a trial session. Our Project Manager will accompany the Native Coach to meet you, introduce the Coach, agree on further arrangements and answer any questions you may have, completely free of charge and without any further obligations. This is where you’ll also see the first impression your child has on the Native Coach we provide you.

  • Step 4

    Once you are satisfied with the service and happy with the coach we have provided, the contract is signed. From then on, the coach will visit your child at regular intervals or pick them up from Nursery or School. The first month is a trial, therefore the contract can be terminated at any time.

  • Step 5

    Even after your child has begun their childcare, we are always open to any other suggestions, wishes or ideas for improvement that you may have! You can organise things easily and directly via our communication platform:

    • Rescheduling of sessions: e.g. If your child becomes unwell or has an appointment elsewhere that cannot be postponed.
    • Agreement of pick-up/ meeting points, such as a Nursery School.
    • A list of activities: e.g. visiting the Zoo
    • Any wishes/ extra notes you may have: e.g. food is in the fridge

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