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English Group Courses

Entertaining alternative


As an alternative to our individual childcare, since April 2020, we have also been offering fun group courses in English. Instead of the typical, boring lessons, we provide creative methods of learning, where children share the experience of learning English together. At Native4Kids, children are given the support that meets their needs. We provide the choice of two English courses; one that focuses on crafting and singing, and the other which is based around music.

English with creativity

small groups, MAX 8 Children

We keep our group sizes small, to make sure that every child receives the optimal support that they need. In a group of no more than 8 participants, the coach can adapt to the individual interests of each individual child. Because when children are provided with the attention they need, they begin to open up and share more. Small groups provide the children with a feel-good atmosphere, where they are able to develop freely. The English Coach becomes a part of the group, becoming a friend that the children can confide in whilst using English, making English the least of their worries.

Our new Learning Centre in Vienna's 3rd district

We’re only a few minutes walk from the U3 Gasometer station, situated on Erdbergstraße. We are still under construction, however, we feel confident that we can teach on our premises on the ground floor of the new complex from the beginning of April.

One session every week lasting 45 or 60 min.

Your child can visit us at the same time, on the same day of the week, every week. One session lasts around 45-60 minutes and is based on a different topic every time. To help strengthen their knowledge, we make sure to repeat certain areas regularly.

Groups based on knowledge

It’s important to us that the children don’t feel under pressure or overburdened. Because of this, when we create our groups, we divide the children according to age, but also consider their level of English as well..

Buchen Sie jetzt eine kostenlose und unverbindliche Probestunde unserer HELEN DORON Kurse!

Die Schnupperstunden finden aktuell unter Rücksichtnahme der 3G Regel VOR ORT in unserem Learning Studio im 3. Bezirk statt!

You can find more information about our courses here:


Prodigies Music - English Music course

We are a licensed partner of Prodigy Music, an American provider of music courses in English. We play and learn with the fun desk-bells, xylophones and boom-whackers, and the older children can use the Ukulele! Find out more information here.

Music courses WILL NOT be taking place this semester, due to government regulations.



English Course from 18 months


The Helen Doron Learning Studio offers English to children from 1 1/2 years old. Weekly courses for 45 minutes. The children learn with a program tested and proven globally, in development since 1985.

As an advantage, the Helen Doron courses always run in a HYBRID way. Therefore, children can participate IN PERSON (if allowed) AND also online. So your child doesn’t miss a thing and there are no interruptions!


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